Transfer Students

Need to utilize our roommate matching system?

Here is how it works!

students listening to musicEach resident who signs a lease with us fills out a resident profile that asks characteristics you want in a roommate and characteristics you don’t want in a roommate. It asks your different socializing habits (such as drinking and smoking) pretty much anything you would like to know about your future roommate. With our roommate matching system you are able to take a look through the profiles prior to being matched up, of course we can match you, if you prefer, but you do have the ability to take a look through the profiles!

Keep in mind we are the only place in Boone who does roommate matching this way. Other communities match you behind closed doors and you have no say.

Click here to learn more regarding our roommate matching process!

FAQs by Transfer Students

Q: When should I secure my spot?
A: We have limited availability in all of our current floor plans and we recommend you secure your spot as soon as possible. You can do so by starting the process by clicking here.

Q: When will I find out who my roommates are?
A: When placements are finalized you will be notified via e-mail. This typically happens late July.

Q: What does it take to secure my spot?
A: You will need to start the online application! Click here to start the process.

Q: How close are you to campus?
A: Under 2 miles away. 2-5 minute drive, approximately a 9 minute bus ride to campus (See map below).

Location Map

Q: Are you on the bus route (AppalCART)
A: Yes! We have 3 bus stops on our community and we have 2 buses that come to our community every 15 minutes.

Q: Will I have my own bathroom?
A: Yes! Every single bedroom no matter which floor plan you pick, you will have your own bathroom.

Q: Will I be able to meet other students?
A: Of course! We have resident events on a weekly basis that are very popular amongst all of our residents.

Q: Can I park my car on property?
A: We offer free parking at The Cottages and also have guest parking in certain areas of the property.


Q: As a transfer student, why did you choose The Cottages?

A: Hi! I am a transfer student from East Carolina as well as a resident of the Cottages of Boone. I chose the Cottages to be my home in Boone were because it made me feel at home. Being a transfer student is hard to adjust to but having a comfortable home helped tremendously. With the amount of space the cottages offers it almost didn’t feel like an apartment. Not only is the square foot of each cottage a plus but also the view I can see from almost anywhere. I enjoy being outdoors as much as possible so having a pool and hot tub readily available provides an excellent place to relax between or after classes.
– Michaela Icard (Sophomore)

Q: As a transfer student, why did you choose The Cottages?

HHuffman A: I transferred from UNC Charlotte for many reasons, the main one being that I decided to major in Health Care Management. I have come to love everything about Boone, especially where I live. I chose the Cottages of Boone for many reasons. I love having my own space and all of the amenities that the Cottages have to offer. I also really enjoy how close the Cottages community is. I feel like I know all of my neighbors on a personal level. I might add that I have the best roomies Boone could offer so I couldn’t be more happy anywhere else!
– Hannah Huffman (Sophomore)

Q: As a transfer student, why did you choose The Cottages?

EStamey A: As a transfer student coming from the Charlotte area, I chose the Cottages because of the awesome views and beautiful floor plans. Once I moved in, I was impressed with the quality of the customer service from the staff at the Cottages and how well the Cottages met my expectations; and may I say, the views do NOT disappoint! You get a lot of amenities from the amount of rent that you pay. There is never a dull moment: From pancake breakfasts to taco bars, the Cottages of Boone really show that they are dedicated to making the residents comfortable. The staff at the cottages bent over backwards to put me with the right roommates and make sure that I had a furnished apartment; and whenever I have had an issue, the Cottages have been quick to solve it! The move in process was quick and easy. From day 1, you get your key and an envelope containing all the important information that you may need for your house. I decided to re-sign with the Cottages because I have had a wonderful experience living here, and I wouldn’t want to spend my last year in Boone living anywhere else.
– Elizabeth Stamey (Junior)

Q: As a transfer student, why did you choose The Cottages?

Erin JohnstonA: Being a transfer student, I was nervous about roommate placement. The Cottages of Boone placed me with wonderful girls who were very similar to me. The Cottages hosted a variety of events throughout the year, and I was able to meet more great people through those events. I am constantly amazed at The Cottages of Boone’s professionalism and staff. All of my problems are handled immediately. When I looked for an apartment in Boone, I was looking for an apartment complex that could make me feel at home. The Cottages of Boone instantly made me feel like I was home.
– Erin Johnston (Junior)

Q: As a transfer student, why did you choose to live at The Cottages?

A: I chose to live at The Cottages because they are the nicest apartments in Boone and the views that surround the apartments are absolutely breathtaking. I transferred here with my best friend and shes 1 out of 4 of my roommates. The Cottages were able to match us with 3 other perfect roommates that we got along very well with. The amenities have made my schooling so much more convenient – free printing and a 24 hour computer lab with private study rooms have made studying very comfortable. Access to a 24 hour gym and sauna is perfect, too, considering I never know when my schedule will allow for me to work out. The office staff have been very kind to me whether it be for a maintenance issue, getting a tanning appointment or something as simple as getting a visitor pass. The Cottages is the only place I would want to live in Boone. I have been very pleased with my decision to reside here!
– Katie Holcombe (Junior)

Q: As a transfer student, why did you choose The Cottages?

IMG_6991A: I heard about the Cottages when I came to orientation last May. These women that sat next to me were talking about it and they said it was really nice. I couldn’t stay in the dorms, so I decided to check it out and I loved it. I couldn’t wait to live there on my own. After living there for a year now I’m very happy with my decision I even renewed my lease for next year.
– Victoria Caudill (Junior)